Yngwie Malmstein is a hugely talented and respected guitarist and Doogie White sang with the band Rising Force for almost seven years completing two studio albums and touring the world constantly

Doogie White - vocalist with Yngwie Malmstein's Rising Force

Doogie joined Yngwie Malmsteen on the Mexican and South American leg of Yngwie’s world tour in September and October 2001.


Doogie White with Yngwie Malmsteen


They recorded two studio Albums: "Attack" and the critically acclaimed "Unleash The Force", and toured extensively for almost seven years before Doogie left and Yngwie decided to take Rising Force in a different direction.


Doogie White


Last word to Doogie:


"Working with Yngwie was always interesting and challenging. He spends more time playing than any other guitarist I have ever worked with and his skill and fretwork is simply amazing. He was very focused on what he wanted and played the vocal parts on guitar always so that he could be clear about what he wanted me to do. Yngwie's approach was different to Ritchie's in that The Man In Black liked a collaborative approach to song-writing whereas Yngwie knew exactly what he wanted and therefore would arrive with the completed work to record. In many respects it was a working arrangement rather a creative partnership and my main contribution was the vocal passion that brought the songs to life. Like Ritchie, he was demanding and intense; but that is great as it lifts your game and you have to try harder every day to keep up. There's nothing wrong with that: it's what separates professionals from all the rest to be honest."


Rising Force with Doogie White



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